Keeping up with "THE NEWS" with Google Reader

We are in a 24 hour news cycle and have been for a while, so even tho I am pretty used to all that “noise,” I like to sift through what I like and don’t like to listen to, watch and definitely what I have TIME to READ!

Most nights, I was driving home and I say, “SHOOT! I needed to look that up!” Of course by the time I could I had forgotten it all ready.

What I was finding was that the list was becoming endless and I was becoming more frustrated. One of the guys in my office suggested “Google Reader” which of course they got the trademark blank stare, “HUH?” from me. There are others and certainly tell us if you like certain ones by commenting.

They showed me how to sign up (pretty painless) and I must say I am “hooked” so at that time, I put it on the Sephone blog, here is a link back to an “ABC’s” page that may help complete with screen shots.

I made this post short so you can go back to that link and sign up yourself! You can start putting your favorite news sources (this includes blogs) in one place that you can log into each day and see what is happening!

Why Ipods and Podcasts aren’t JUST "for kids"

Your kids or maybe your niece or nephew have them. Or maybe that intense guy at the gym on the treadmill, but you dont need an Ipod…or do you?

Ipods are great tools and not toys — no kidding. You don’t need to own a mac to have one. You also don’t need to own a mac to subscribe to Itunes which is the most robust and complete music, audiobook and podcast service there is, I also think it is fun to use.

So that being said, listen to – oops read this:

1. You can have an Ipod or mp3 player to play music for your personal use with head phones, sure. But you can also buy an inexpensive adapter to plug it into your car sound system to play your songs, because you are tired of the same stuff radio. Some adapters allow you to charge your Ipod at the same time!

2. You can download audiobooks so you can listen to those books you never have time to read or learn how to speak spanish on the way to work, all by using your Ipod, plugged into your car!

3. You can subscribe to podcasts (almost always free) of your favorite subjects or your favorite NPR program like Car Talk, Deadliest Catch, Fresh Air or something like that. I download them when I know I will miss a show so I can listen later.

There is always something new and it is so easy – believe me, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be telling you about it!! There are all types of players, I had an mp3 player that frustrated me so much I cannot recommend that anyone go out and buy one. But if you have an abandon one around, go for it, why not?

I like Ipods. You can use them one handed when you are listening or browsing your selections AND they are easy to link up and transfer files when you have them plugged into your computer. There are many different sizes – by different sizes, I mean how much information they can hold. If you can spring for the video Ipod it is worth it and it really puts everything in to ONE thing. PLUS, the Deadliest Catch is my favorite thing and those extra episodes not aired on TV are fun to watch at camp on the weekend!

Folks in my office have the Ipod Touch which is a whiz bang rig, but I am not ready to go that far yet, but you can start small and work your way into what is most comfortable for you.

Here Now! – Techno Trapped in my 40’s

I am working on a new blog especially for people like me.

I am a “40 something.” I am too old to know how to understand text message talk, too young to retire. I think I am in a big group of folks that are trying to learn everything and just dont know where to start.

I just bought my first car with automatic windows and it practically talks. I try to embrace technology and explain it to people in a way that shows them why it is a good thing for them, but first I need to understand it and use it myself. Yes I have an iPod, yes I subscribe to podcasts, yes I know some things, but this trend of stepping away from the intimacy of person to person contact is a little disturbing, yet I know I need to learn to do it.