Who is the REAL person on Facebook anyway?

It is difficult for me to go anywhere without some conversation that doesn’t include the word, “FACEBOOK” in it. Many times it is accompanied by rolled eyes or heavy sighs.  Other times it is expressed with gratitude that there was some news shared that people felt important to know about and still other times sad news shared and supportive comments are given.  In every case, I have heard opinions all over the place regarding sharing or “over sharing.”

thumbsupdownHere are a couple examples – not direct quotes but close to it:

  • “If I see one more picture of those dogs (kids) I am going to scream.”
  • “I just love seeing those funny dog (kid) pictures! “
  • “I get to hear about her mother dying on Facebook, I didn’t even know she was sick!”
  • “OMG her mother died, I had no idea – I wonder if they need anything?”
  • “They go to the beach, umbrella drinks and sand, I get to shovel snow.”
  • “Man, all that sun, I wish I could get out of here and put on some shorts!”

There are plenty more but the comments are amusing when you think of it,  it is a demonstration of sociology/psychology right in front of your eyes in REAL TIME!

What Do You Do on Facebook?

If I am having a rough day, there are “friends” of mine on Facebook I visit to get a humorous pick me up. Or, if I have someone on my mind that I know that has been “having it rough,”  I go to their page to encourage them with a couple of humorous or kind words.  But that’s me.

What about you?

If your comments are negative, people see it.  If your comments are positive, people see that too. Only you may not realize that opinions are forming around your comments, posts, etc.    People  may say they don’t care but it seems to be human nature to judge people.  Now with Facebook we have yet ANOTHER way to judge people!  Oh Joy!


If you are trying to “Be” something or “Do” something about or with your life, it isn’t a bad idea to remember that you may be reaching more people that you don’t see every day than those that do see you every day.  The ones that see you, see ALL of you. Your smile, the hug you give someone, your real warm self.  Not a post that they are left to interpret.

A little food for thought.