I got a Kindle for Christmas, who didn’t?

As of last summer many estimates said that there were about 8 million Kindles sold.  Since Christmas 2010, it seems like everybody I talk to got one.  On twitter people were buzzing – so even people I don’t know seems to have gotten one.

Unfortunately, because I read so much for work purposes and because I did so much proof reading from past bosses with horrible spelling and language skills, reading anything more than a magazine wasn’t something I found particularly enjoyable.

But I opened it up on Christmas morning and there is was a Kindle.  I was raised that you are grateful for all gifts and show appreciation, even when in this case I thought, “What was he thinking?  This isn’t an iPAD?”  But my outside voice said, “Oh how nice, thank you!  I bet I can get some books from my social media class on this.”

Later on in the day I tried it out and wow what a great viewing experience it was for my 40-something eyes.  I even downloaded a couple of books that I paid for and by day’s end I was reading Elizabeth Edward’s “Resilience.”  I sailed through it.  And next I cannot wait to try the notes and highlighting feature.

Then of course, I needed a cover for my “new pet.”  Well in an email from a Executive Director of a board I serve on,  told me about a cover with a light in it.  Well, I must say if there has been a disappointment to this Kindle, it was the fact that it has no back light on the screen, so if you want to read in bed or would like to read in the car, a light is necessary.  I wasn’t too excited about something elseI had to charge, something else to remember (or forget in my case!)

Though I am usually very happy with things I buy from Amazon, I wanted to see this case that I was told about with the light – I wanted to feel it before I coughed up $59 for something only to decide later I wouldn’t like it.  I ventured off to Staples which their Kindle display looked like a bomb had gone of in it – it was practically empty of accessories and the Kindles were all gone too. The clerk pointed to the empty rack and said, “Well that is where it lives, but I don’t even have a sample to show you, but they are pretty slick. But there is a truck coming up tonight and we will have some tomorrow.”    cover_lighted_fam_1

Sadly, I left and had second thoughts, “Maybe I should just go on line and order it and take the chance?”  But I realized I wouldn’t get it any faster and I wouldn’t be able to touch it like I had wanted to prior to purchase.

I went back the next day and lo and behold they had what they had promised they had.  I snatched one up and began telling all my friends that had one to get one of these little gems.  I couldn’t get one that was any other color than black (sounds like Henry Ford), but it is just fine no matter what color it is.

The light also doesn’t seem to drain the Kindle as much as I thought it would and having right there, I use the light often, because with these 40-something eyes sometimes it just makes things easier.

Even if you do have a Kindle with a cover all ready,  I would recommend making the investment.  You won’t be sorry!

Photo credit:  Amazon (originally), but I picked it off Cnet.