Remote Access – What is in it for me?

This will be a quick post because once you start reading will be nodding your head you’ll be saying, “Hell YEAH!”

Do you buy insurance because you KNOW you will be in an accident or have something terrible happen to your home?

I doubt it. But you do buy it, JUST IN CASE…

There are a few times that knowing how to connect remotely to the office or to family is imperative.

Once may be during a family emergency and your kids or whomever is trying to reach you. Maybe that is why you have a cell phone?  But if you have to relay information to a bunch of people, your cell battery (or your personal battery just wont make it!)

Another time may be when you may just need to work from home because your child is sick with the flu.

Or  may be when you are going to a meeting and the information you were waiting for is sitting on your computer- 2 hours away from where YOU are-speeding down the highway, fearing you will be late!

If any of these scenarios sound like you, then you are no different then I am.

The difference between us, could be that I have some great business partners that have thought these situations through FOR ME and know I need support from them in trying to figure it out when I am NOT in a crisis rather than when I am in one. I  do a lot of road time.

3 things you can do to make your life “hands down” easier, less stressful and complicated.

1. If you don’t have a laptop, get one. (I am a MAC person and it works so wonderful I cannot even tell you!) If you DO have one, make sure it has a wireless modem inside it and plan ahead or ask friends/family where there may be a place – like a library or coffee shop that you can access email or other things you may need where you may be going.  Sometimes if you google the city site of the place you are going you may find a Borders, a library or a Starbucks there.

2. Know how to work your cell phone. Other than “You had me from HELLO…” so romantic but REALLY, you need to know a few simple tricks. I LOVE my friends at Central Maine Wireless -they have been so wonderful in helping me learn how I can access information I need or send information, through my phone. They also tell me what will cost me money. (Thanks you guys!)

I resisted a blackberry for a long time and now I have one, it is that little life buoy that I have when I cannot find a wireless connection or I am in a place where my cell phone (voice) has a bad connection, but my data and texting works perfectly. If you have a blackberry, go to they have real world forums and a great network of people to help – and yeah, it is FREE!

3. Facebook. I know, you may be cringing when I say that. Don’t use facebook to spy on your kids. Use facebook to connect with family and friends. My brothers graduation class has organized many impromptu BBQ’s, lunch dates, etc. JUST because somebody is in town for the weekend. If you have a family emergency where you need to connect with your relatives for whatever reason – you will be able to do it easily.  Worried about that “friend” you don’t like or feel that you know that well?  Hit IGNORE and you are all set, they dont get a note saying they are unloved, you have control over people that you care less about.

So there – of course I droaned on longer than I promised.

BUT buying INSURANCE for when you need it, is just like making sure you have remote access to your family, friends and office.

You wont be sorry!