JUST What I need ONE MORE thing in my In-Box

Email ClipWe all get spam or emails from companies we have never heard of and have no interest in doing business with.  Even though most of these emails are supposed to be “Permission Based,” which means you have given permission for them to send you emails.  Sometimes we give permission without realizing we have or we have given permission and once we see the offers/messages we do not find them interesting.

Help Yourself

You can help yourself first off by paging to the bottom of the message and click on the UNSUBSCRIBE button.  And theoretically, the list deletes your name and the next email that gets sent you wont receive.  But you must be the one to unsubscribe and click that link.

“Special” Email Address

I mentioned in a  couple posts before this,  that it may be helpful to create a separate email account for Offers, Coupons, Etc.  Gmail accounts are free.  You can check that separate account only when you have time, or in the mood.

Not All Newsletters and Notifications are Created Equal

An important newsletter or notification that is especially valuable is one that your town or city puts out. Most Towns and Cities now have Facebook pages too.  The City of Bangor Public Works Department has their own notifications for construction, parking bans, leaf pickup, holiday trash collection schedule.  It is a great help to have that accessible. Then I don’t have to go look for it, because chances are I won’t and I will miss something important.  Every town/city is different, but most often you can go to the home page of the website and sign up there, make sure you follow the instructions.

If you don’t see anything on the website, take a moment call the office and ask or send your local Councilor or Selectman an email requesting this.  From their point of view, it saves phone calls answering the same questions and from your point of view, you get the help you need, when you need it.