How Do I Get That New “Thing” for my Phone/Tablet

App Stores are Where We Can get Apps – and I don’t mean the kinds wrapped in bacon!

Availability and Price for what you are trying to do depend on the what device you want it to go on.  You may want to access this blog from the device that you are looking for apps with, that way the link pops up and you can easily find it, click and download it.

iPhone, iPad, iPod – new programs or Apps are available from iTunes, the link I am sharing is for FREE apps which Apple isn’t known for a lot of FREE ones but there are some. If you choose one, it is listed if it has a cost and you will see that fee applied to your iTunes Account.

Samsung, Android Phones or Tablets
– Are in the Google Play Store.  There are many more FREE apps for Android devices but be careful, Apps can have viruses too and you don’t need problems with your phone.


amazonappstoreHave a Kindle Fire or an Amazon Phone?- Amazon has a store for you!   Again some are free and some are not but each one is indicated.


When you Download, Use Wifi

You may want to make sure that your phone is running over wifi when you download or even update your apps. Depending on your personal data plan, you can “waste” precious data (and money) just downloading something much less using it.

Apps are Not Just Fun and Games

GPS, “Find my Phone” and other apps are very helpful.  If your kids or grandkids are on Instagram, it is a FREE app (as most Social Media Apps are – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) Instagram is how many of us see what is happening via photos where they go and what they do- we can talk about Instagram sometime if you want to…



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It is possible that your “In-Box” is full of Newsletters that you didn’t even know you signed up for- perhaps it may have come to you from something you ordered from Amazon or somewhere else and since then the offers, newsletters, etc. just keep rolling in.

“Techno-Trapped” – OUR News is going to be different!  PROMISE and Here’s Why:

  1. There is ONE Goal: To help people navigate the constant “next best thing.”
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Because we have Mom’s, Dad’s and friends that could benefit from knowing some of the cool things on the internet.  MOST all of them will be free to use, you just need to know how to use them.

We have Mom’s, Dad’s and friends that feel constantly belittled because they don’t know how to use things and they are missing out on staying connected with their loved ones, old friends and learning something new that may help in their own health care.  That’s Why.

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Using Facebook As Your 911

“Why Does SHE Put Everything out of Facebook??”

I hear this often from people that never have had to use Facebook to get to people, all the people that may need to know information about a change in a life’s circumstance.

Illness, Death, Change or “Situation”

Try changing your relationship status as an experiment.  You may be surprised at how many people pay attention.  Even if they don’t comment, they pay attention and you may see them in the grocery store and they ask about it.  A friend of mine did that as an April Fool’s Joke and didn’t she cause a stir!

Extended Family, People You Work With

For the good and the bad when my Dad was dying last year, I threw it out on Facebook.  Why?  Quite simply because after long hours and stress of driving to see him, sitting with him, getting the news, for weeks on end, I was just too tired to tell all my relatives by phone or even by email what was going on, play by play.  icon_facebookPLUS, I was losing my patience with those relatives that hadn’t been in my father’s life for years that all of a sudden felt entitled to every minute detail of what was happening with him.  And in the end, it didn’t matter they never bothered to make the effort to show up to the funeral or send a card anyway.  I was grateful for Facebook.

When I would show up at business meeting looking tired and sad, people had empathy and hugs, not smart comments or private whispers of judgment of what may or may not be happening in my life.  I didn’t have to tell them, Facebook did it for me.  OR if they didn’t see it on FB, then someone else did and there was another story I didn’t have to tell.

Double Edged Sword

A couple of weeks ago, I heard  someone say, “I thought everything was ok, they didn’t say anything on Facebook about it.”  So yeah, you have that too.