We Are In This Together

I am a daughter and the primary “Go – To”  for my Mom.  Mom lives 2 hours south of here in the same house I grew up in.  I am not exactly sure how it happened, over the years, we have become closer and closer.  I call her my best friend. We talk every day.

Elbow Surgery

Last December, Mom had elbow surgery.  It was something we planned ahead for, what I didn’t know at the time was that it was a “dry run” for what was the emergency we had last week.

Setting Up Contact Groups In My Phone

I never bothered to set up groups in my cell phone for myself, but when Mom had her elbow surgery, I set them up for her numbers.  Doctors, relatives and neighbors on the street that could help out if we needed them.  I never had her Doctor’s numbers before. Turns out we didn’t need them – until last week.

Contact Groups

Depending on your phone type, you probably have the ability to create these lists/groups.  I have a separate list for those I can text and those I can’t  (Doctor’s office numbers don’t text!)  You may be able to have multiple lists/groups yourself. Mine look like this Depot Rd. Neighbors (who let the dogs out), Mom’s Doctors, Close Family (that can help that are close by) Other Family (for update only, living far away)

Don’t Wait For the Emergency

hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyTake the opportunity to go through these numbers with your “loved ones.”  Put these numbers in your phone – do it.  It makes functioning under an emergency so much easier, knowing that I could do what I needed to do, contact who I needed to contact, gave me a little direction under a pretty stressful time.

Emergency Rooms Have Crappy Cell Service

Every ER I have been in, perhaps due to all the electronics, machines and monitoring devices required for the patients, your cell phone may not work. No reception.  And for those of us that are “lone rangers” – sitting next to Mom’s bed waiting for the Doctor, without any backup, you don’t want to leave.  When you do leave you would like the easiest and quickest way to touch base with a group.

Your Cell Phone is a Lifeline

Sure, we all have fun taking selfies, perhaps we get texts by the kids to be picked up from choir practice. We use our phones every day. But take a little time to set up your phone, NOW. You can save

You can save yourself from any extra stress under an emergency situation.  I am sure glad I did.

Things You Should Know

Anyone that knows me, knows that I reluctant to discuss politics or publically take stands on issues. That being said, I do try to get the word out for things that may be helpful to other people.  By passing on an event or announcement does not mean that I am supporting or not supporting something necessarily.

Recently I Joined AARP

I have many friends and family members that are not AARP Members and they all have their reasons.  My reason to join is because for this blog and for other information that affect the Senior population, I use their information on their website and blog.  Even tho it is available for free, I felt that I should join the organization if I was using them as a “Go To” for information- yes it was the GUILT factor.

I am a Daughter, Companion, Friend

Photo Credit "Image courtesy of  "Time" by Salvatore Vuono  / FreeDigitalPhotos.netI have lots of friends and a Mom that is in “that demographic.”  I get asked lots of questions.  And I try and be patient.  As I revitalized this blog I felt compelled to share the information that I was passing out to these folks in my life.  I hope you find it useful.  I also have been blessed with a personality that loves people and I network every chance I get.  Helping people meet one another is great.  “Connection” is everything.


This blog is about technology and all the frustrations that come with it comes some great benefits.  Maybe I can sift through some of these things to help you navigate it.  I also will post on the Facebook Page events that I know about that may be helpful.  Some of them may involve technology, but not all. Some things just events that I may hear about – (AARP Membership not required.)

It’s About You

As I celebrated my 54th birthday last month and my Mom celebrates her _____(she will kill me if I tell you) in July, we are navigating these days together.  I am sure we aren’t the only ones!  This blog is free to use and I don’t make money writing it.  It is just a way that I can give back to the people in my life that have helped me and believed in me along the way.  Please join us – share it with your friends – if you have any questions go on over to the Facebook page, leave a comment here or send me an email.  Would love to help.