Feeling Like Your Head’s In The Clouds?

That’s okay, your data is too!

Like it or not, companies that we do business with have our stuff in the cloud.  Server farms with redundant power, etc. to protect their stuff, (which is yours first.)  Medical records, bank records, etc. is in the Cloud. And rather than to repeat what Justin from Sephone said, he has a great post here that explains some basics.

Practical Use

This may sound grim but recently, we had a funeral and I had some photos in my “dropbox” account.  I was able to share them in a quick and easy way.  The photos were there at high resolution as easy as someone on the other end, opening an email and clicking on a link.

Did you know that all your photos in your phone can be saved autoblog_cloudmatically to a cloud account too? (Synchronize over a wifi connection.) You can access them from anywhere, anytime.  Storage is cheap. And for lots of space.  My favorite is Dropbox and have been using it for years. It doesn’t matter which you pick except to pick something that is reputable. There are many cheap alternatives but your data is too important. Companies get sold or go under all the time, make sure your data doesn’t sink with them.

As Justin mentioned, Amazon has cloud storage and so does Google.  With everyone’s computers getting more mobile, (iPhone, Kindle Fire, etc.) store everything somewhere else that your username and password can help you get to, when you get something new there is no need to backup, transfer, etc. and even from your kids computers-if you are in Florida on vacation or home!