Who Do I Believe?

scratchingheadWith  actual “person to person” communication becoming a rarity these days, everything seems to be done by robots or people in foreign countries that cannot speak the language of the majority of the customer base of the companies they “represent.”  Calling the cable company?  I did once, was on the phone for over an hour, I even had to charge my cell phone in the process.  Only to speak to “Ricky” who spoke little or no English and in the end, did not help me.  It is no wonder we have no idea what or who to believe anymore!

When “They” Call You or Email You

The IRS continues to warn people about a telephone and email “phishing” scam that has been going on for a few years and ramps up around tax time.  Below are some links to help in being able to SPOT such a scheme. First and foremost –  the IRS won’t initiate a phone call to you or email you out of the clear blue sky. Here are some links below to some evidence:

You Have the Power

YOU know this information now and don’t have to become a victim.  Tell your friends, share this post and follow us on Facebook.  Technology is not to be feared.  We just want to help you in understanding and to use it to your advantage! Don’t be fooled and remember, breathe.

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