OK -LAST post about iPODS…for a while

You are sick to death of hearing about my love affair with the iPOD – but has it made you go get one yet?

I just wanted to end this string of posts about iPODS and ways that you don’t have to be anti-social to have and to USE them and a few inexpensive things you can get to really make it part of your life as opposed to something you plug into your ears and block out the rest of the world. Thought it would make sense to have these thoughts reasonably close together, so you can easily find them.

So, here is a quick post about an iPOD adapter that you can plug into your car and play through your car speakers. Actually this particular one that I have is made by BELKIN, (from Best Buy of course), picks an unidentified radio signal, you tune your tuner to that station and your iPOD actually goes through that frequency while the sound comes out of your speakers as if it were on the radio. PLUS this one I use charges your iPOD at the same time.

Remember the days of the portable CD player that had a little fake tape that you put in your cassette player in your car? If you still have a cassette player in your car and have been wondering what to do with that “dummy tape”, just plug the fake cassette into the player, then the little gizmo that you used to plug into the CD player, plug that end into the headphone jack of your iPOD. It doesn’t charge the iPOD, but it plays great just the same.

So enough about iPODS, atleast for a while, I promise!!

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