What Do You Bring To The Party?

February 12th, 2014

I do not know how to fix my car.  I do not know how to cut my own hair (or anyone else’s for that matter).  There are lots of things I do not know how to do and still more things that I KNOW how to do but don’t make the time to do it or someone that does “it” more than I do may be better and more efficient doing it for me!

It’s All In Your Head

I have been changing up the way I am networking lately.  The endless travel challenges that winter brings makes keeping appointments challenging to say the least.  I am using Social Media, email mining and other things to reconnect with old contacts and friends too.  Lots of these conversations have nothing to do with “HEY BUY MY STUFF!”  That isn’t my style and I resent it when people do that to me !

“Soul” Food

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than talking to an old friend that helps me put things into perspective.  In this case it was an old friend that I have not actually talked to for several years.  Not for any particular reason, but we just went in different directions.  He is now in Virginia and I am in Maine.  He and I will always be able to pick up from where we left off just like it was yesterday.  In our conversation we talked about simpler times in our lives.  He also reminded me of some things I happen to be good at that I take for granted.  I guess I have not changed much since then and the list he gave me hasn’t changed from 1981!

The Go-To 

Yes, I am a “Go-To” person. Because I like people and find everyone interesting,, I attract a lot of people.  He was making fun of some of the “Tom Foolery” I may have on my Facebook wall.  I describe my wall as “The Wild Wild West”  unless it is hurtful or cruel,  what is posted stays there.  It may not be my opinion but it was put there by someone I know and I don’t mind that people see it.  People contact me in all different ways for all different things, many things I know nothing about.  But it is possible that I know someone that knows about it and I can get people together that can help one another.

Social Media

I use Social Media every day. Many days BEFORE I EVEN GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING! (TMI, right) ? Some mornings depending on the project, I may be looking at notifications on my phone before my feet hit the floor. It is what I do!  It really is my way of life.  It isn’t everybody’s.  When people ask me about “computer things” I want to say, “I know nothing about that stuff.” But when it is a “social media computer thing, I may know A LOT about that and be able to help.

So what can you bring to the party?


Throw Your Hat Into the Ring

February 3rd, 2014

If you are a business owner, fine tuning is always helpful.  It is easy to get stuck into the grind of it all.  I know that I often get so immersed in the day to day of operating, making sure my software is updated, returning calls, networking, etc.  I oftentimes get so wrapped up, I fail to think about my company as an outsider.  Where I want it to go and what my part is in moving it in that direction.

Brain Space
When I am in “tactical mode,” helping customers with their business processes,  I have difficulties thinking big picture on ideas for my company.  And being in innovation and looking for “that special” thing for someone else, there is never a shortage of new technology to try out or learn about.  That part of my brain is always RED HOT, it is easy because I am in it all the time.  I am no neuroscientist but I would venture to guess that my PLANNING part of my brain is different than my tactical part (and I am not even going to bother googling it.)

As a Marketer at heart, (been at it in one way or another for 30 odd years – yikes!).  I love planning.  Planning allows for contemplation of what has happened (or what we did), what we think is going to happen and what we plan to make the best of it.  It also is the place in the company that gets everyone together to decide “What” and “Who” we are as a company and “What we WANT to be?”  Those things don’t happen in Accounting, Sales or HR they happen in Marketing.

Thinking Differently

Think DifferentI am fortunate that I teach Social Media as well as Marketing at Husson University at the New England School of Communications.  I say that I am fortunate because for about 30 weeks a year I get to teach courses on things that Marketing people need to be doing at their companies.  Sure I may have to pick up the mail and make a bank deposit, follow up on Sales calls or client requests, but I am constantly reminded of what needs to happen in Marketing.  That I need to stay connected to that world, to the media in person, on air or through social media.  There are a host of other things that I am reminded to do, because I teach these courses and the feedback from the students is priceless and very helpful to me.

It is possible there may be a way that you may be able to do some work that puts “Planning” on your calendar. Maybe Junior Achievement, Adult Ed, Brownies or Cub Scouts- anything that makes you prepare a presentation of some type that gets you from thinking about your day to day and more into your “Day After Tomorrow.”

*thank you Creative Commons and Apple for the use of their image.


What Do You Think About Facebook Posts?

January 24th, 2014

Is there a Facebook YOU and a Real YOU?

There is a woman that I know from a networking group that always tells me how much she loves my Facebook posts. Almost every day that she gets on Facebook, she looks me up to see what funny thing I have to share.  Well it took me back a little.  Here is a professional woman whom I admire immensely, bothers to approach me and tell me what I post starts her day off to a good start.  Stunned.

And for me too, there are those people that I look up to see what kind of snarky, playful fun can be going on because my day isn’t necessarily going the way I wished it was.  As I have written several times in this blog, Facebook is a great escape for people at one point or another during their week.

The Old Fashioned Way

A few years ago I wrote a post about people taking what they see on Facebook at face….VALUE.  And it seems that the same people that use the excuse that they “thought” they knew your life was okay because of what you post on Facebook are probably the same people that wouldn’t call you to find out anyway.  But that is another post for another day.


I have some people that I know in real life, like the ones I see in person often, talk on the phone thumbsupdownto often and they seem like happy normal people.  People that I drink coffee with, have over to my house.  Remember THOSE kinds of people?  Well on a particular day when I was looking for a lift and went to Facebook for my daily dose of fun, I went to one of my friends pages and it was some negative thing about some corporation, I looked again and there was something else until finally after searching for a while, there was something that had nothing to do with the government or something ELSE we have no control over.  I know this person.  I know what a positive loving person they are!  Yet to look at their page, you would think, “Why am I friends with this person?  Which one is real?”

What about the First Amendment?

Now before you get all rabid on me, you are right.  This is an individual’s page and in the spirit of free speech, that page can say whatever they want it to, right?  But I have a dilemma – do I “unfriend” the person because the politics and rampages are just driving me crazy OR do I tell I am going to do it first? And on a philosophical note,  which is my real friend?  The person that I hang out with, laugh and cry with or the person that spews anger through their Wall?

I LOVE those Commercials

January 22nd, 2014

I am sure I have mentioned it either in this blog or another that when I was a child, my grandmother would say, “Kelly, you are the only person I know that runs INTO the room when there is a commercial on TV.”  She was right.  Then and now I still find commercials interesting.


I can still sing the Shaeffer  Beer Commercial in my head.  I know that music/sound can engage certain parts of your brain so you remember things better.  I am no psychologist but I know that for me often songs that I absolutely hate become that song that plays over and over and over in my head and I cannot get it out!

It’s Only Weird If it Doesn’t Work

Anheuser Busch has been doing a series of these commercials which I cannot help but love.  There isn’t a jingle in this particular in this ad but as part of this series they have used a song from a jukebox at at bar.  If you like the song it is nice to hear it again, if you don’t like the song the story with the commercial makes you laugh.  Makes it memorable.  Clearly Paula Cole probably didn’t have this in mind when she first released the song.  (I heart Paula Cole, btw.)

Being Open to New Things

Even though it may seem like it by this post, my life isn’t about beer commercials.  It’s about thinking differently. And just like that commercial for Apple Computer that applauds innovation being world changing, what about your own life changing?

Being open is a developing into mindset for me.  I have had many people around me die or get seriously il . In these times, people always seem to come up with a “Bucket List.”  The list of things you always Photo Credit "Image courtesy of  "Time" by Salvatore Vuono  / FreeDigitalPhotos.netwanted to do that you never did because of… fear?  Now that a person has something LIFE ALTERING, is now the time to do it?  You decide, Like Paula Cole, “I Don’t Wanna Wait.”

What Are YOU Waiting For?



*Image courtesy  “Time” by Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What is my Personal Brand?

January 16th, 2014

Not Your Mothers MenopauseI’m a business owner, a dog owner, a gun owner, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a friend. So many different things, to so many people but who am I to me?  Who do I want to be the most? The last 11 years, I have been an owner of Sephone. And all of my life I have been a marketing person.  I think “like that” all the time because I am in it all the time.  Being part of Sephone Interactive Media, I have been fortunate to learn so many things about online marketing and social media.  I have been able to be on the ground floor. When we started, Sephone, the idea of someone without web skills punching in text was unimaginable to so many people.  So many people other than my partners at Sephone.  They knew, I believed  (and still do) and here we are!

I love people, I love to help and I love to tell stories.  About 8 years ago, I met a woman named Deb. Deb Neuman is a very inspiring woman.  Never afraid to try something new. Never intimidated to be around other driven out of the box thinking women.  Over the years, we have helped one another, cried, laughed and had a blast doing it all.  We both have grown and changed along the way.

Deb and Kelly doing Back to Business Radio Show

Deb and Kelly doing Back to Business Radio Show

Deb has been the State of Maine Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development, a “media head” writing columns for newspapers, blogs, she has her own syndicated radio show and she is currently on the air today. She has been a small business owner, has a cottage industry going and she STILL gets people together. She has connected me with countless people as I have  her.

As “50 Something”  women we are working on a project,  Not Your Mother’s Menopause, This blog has grouped some writing women  and some experts that can write. We share experiences of all kinds to other women or people that are feeling like us.  There are so many writers and topics it is easy to find some you like and identify with.

Personally I am sharing stories from my life from 50 + and how I have been on the road to making changes in my life.  Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation, stuff like that.  I also talk about how 5 years ago I never would believe that I would be doing this!  We are getting lots of visitors and lots of interest from all over the world. I am finding that this writing that I am jumpstarting my own writing again.  Once again Deb gets me moving in the direction I need to go in and want to go in but need that little shove to do it. Thanks GF!

This blog will still go on and GROW on because of Not Your Mother’s Menopause and all the great chemistry of all these great women!  Have ideas of what you may want to see?  Shoot me an email and THANKS!!

Why Do People Spend So Much Time on Facebook?

December 5th, 2013

I thought about giving a bunch of stats on how much time people spend on Facebook, how many pages people look at, how many friends they have.  But then I thought to myself “The amount of time is staggering, who needs to see those numbers again?” Rather than griping and sniping about people being distracted or not getting their work done BECAUSE of Facebook – I say this with tongue in cheek, as humans we CHOOSE to use Facebook as a distraction.


From work, from life – to work, to life.  Facebook has it all.  People we LOVE  we can connect to and laugh with because we are stressed or worried. Or to gripe about “that guy” that just stole our lunch again out of the company fridge or “that guy” has left his lunch IN the company fridge TOO LONG.  You can see it all on Facebook and the numbers I am not citing here prove it but you know it all ready, you do it, I do it, we all do it.

What Does This Mean?

Advertisers know about you because Facebook asks you certain questions and tracks your every move so they can make money based on your habits.  Yes. The ads you see are based on this behavior.  AND if you have a business, perhaps this is an option where you should advertise. But what does it REALLY mean in the grand scheme of things?

Connection, Caring, Love, Laughter

We all love to do the things that make us happy and often times we even love to do the things that don’t make us happy. The RUSH of it all, make us mad, fire us up, we cannot get enough of it.  Or if you are me, I cannot get enough of seeing it happen on someone else’s wall, I watch until I cannot take it anymore.  But I do it.  A distraction.  Also someone posts that their dog died, their child is sick, I reach out in support, share comfort. Makes me feel like I am doing something that matters to someone.

We Are Human

If you participate in “Buy Local” then you probably go to some stores with owners that you know.  Or people in your neighborhood at home or work that you would like to know.  Maybe you know them on Facebook, maybe not.  If the store  has stuff you like, you may go there but I find myself going to places because it is the people I like.  I like them, their stories they are part of my life.  I like the connection. I want the connection, don’t you?

Same Old Story Same Ole Song and Dance

I have written several times about using Social Media in addition to cultivating friendships and business relationships.  Not instead of “people to people” connection.  A dirtbag in real life often is a dirtbag on Facebook, it may be harder to spot but eventually the real person is revealed.  It comes down to being a member of the human race, reaching out and wanting connection.  OR DISCONNECTION.  Real life is blowing up and you can run to Facebook for help and support.

But let’s not forget we are people first and not technology.  Besides computers hug funny.


Another Re Invention

November 18th, 2013

When I started this blog several tears ago it was for people that were struggling with technology and how to use it, what “things” to buy, platforms to use, the dangers and the good things and all in language for the layperson.  I am one.  I am not a person that cares about how something works, I care that it works.  That once I plug something in and hit a couple of buttons it needs to work.  Simple as that. (Is it ever as simple as that?)

Writing for me is on “Inspiration.” And with all the blogs out there today, so many more than when I started doing it, the old subject matter isn’t that “Inspirational” to me anymore. You can tell by the gaps in the content.

I can write about anything.  If your business needs someone to write for them, you need someone that cares about you enough to learn about your business and what is important to it and to you.  I can do that.  I can write web copy, I can write white papers and I can blog.  When I write for myself it feels different. Writing something important for someone’s business, I get feedback.  Writing for myself it is more isolating.

Who Do You Love?  And Who Loves You?

Connections are everything.  People like to feel appreciated and identified with so they can trust you, don’t you?  I am not an expert in sociology but I have spent most of my life people watching, relationship building and I get a real “charge” (a Maine saying) out of helping people and feeling like we are on the same team. Trying to accomplish the same goal.  We all complain about being on hold with a customer service department that is in a foreign country that cannot pronounce our names much less care about our problem enough to solve it.  So how much are you trying to give up?

Chris Brogan

For those of you that believe in the “Human Being” it’s uniqueness and treasure it, you need to read Chris’s blog.  Chris has that special sauce that I go to when I get frustrated about my problems being pushed into automation.  Pushed into the “OK, let’s stick Kelly here and call it close enough.” Because it isn’t. I teach Social Media at Husson University and one of the things we talk about is having a “Hero” or a “Mentor.”  It is no secret that Chris is mine.  He boils down all the confusion and tech, putting it into human terms.  Chris reminds me that I want to help people. And people come to me often.  They want to meet someone I know or wonder if I have a connection someone.  They seldom go through my LInkedIN account, they call me or yes, send me an email because they know ME and I know THEM.

Please Stay Tuned

This blog is going “Back to School.”  The basics. It is not an echo of Chris Brogan’s blog because I have the link and you can read his words for yourself. This blog is going to refocus on what you and I both know is right, how we all can deal with this over texting, over automated world and how we can all stay grounded together.




May 24th, 2013

I dated a guy in high school named David.  Whenever the phone would ring at their house, his sister would cry out, “SOMETHING TO DO!’  Back in the late 70’s it was the telephone that was our life line. Other than the mailman, that was how we found out what was happening around us. (radio and tv too), but we had to be “in the know” to get on the chain to find out who was having the party, where everyone was going to be.

Some Things Don’t Change

If you are anything like me you want to know what is happening.  I don’t like to miss the things that I find interesting.  ALSO I want to be a resource for friends to ask me, “What is happening this weekend?”  Or when family visits, “Do you know what is going on at the Children’s Museum?”  What if a change in the weather has turned your original plans upside down?

Taking the Easy Way Out

There is a new version of an Event App that my company, Sephone just launched.  As the original, it is specifically for events.  Eleventary, a FREE app for your mobile device to use,  Based on your search criteria it will show you events nationwide.  If you are going somewhere new you can use it to make sure you don’t miss something.  If you are holding an event of your own, you can post it (also for FREE) to have people know about it.

No More Posters!

Posters are a pain.  If you have a garage sale, you put posters on telephone poles (even tho no one can see them), then you should take them down after the sale.  You may run an ad in the paper – this also costs money and takes time.  To enter your event takes LESS than 2 minutes.  AND once you are signed up, you can log in and add your daughters softball game or bean supper.  INSTANTLY people can see your event that may not otherwise see it.  You can raise more money, market your event or your customer’s events, all from one account.

Easy on the Eyes

The Eleventary website is very easy to use.  Access it right from your laptop!  If your Rotary Club, church or garden club has something you want people to know about it is simple to plug it in for delivery to anyone’s smartphone that has the app.

Why not go to Google and the Apple App Stores and start using it now!  AND tell your friends!





Another App! Brought to You by a Social Media Class & Moms Everywhere

May 6th, 2013


We all make ’em.  AND if you are like me, you forget them too!!  The last list I “forgot” actually dropped out of my pocket and it blew away, too fast for me to catch it.  I may as well have left it home, except I didn’t have the pleasure of going back to the list on the counter and realize that I forgot the most important thing that was on it.

Social Media Class

We have a Social Media Marketing Class and sometimes we talk about Apps.  What are your favorites?  Like my last post, many are free and all are worth sharing.  There seems to be an App for everyone!  One student, we will call her  “Jane” (very creative, right?), said ” My favorite App is “OUT OF MILK”    I never forget my  Shopping List because I have it with me!”  as she waved her phone in the air.

Free vs. Paid

I must say I go for the FREE versions first and then if I use it and love it, I am very willing to pay for it.  Most often, these Apps that you pay for are a “Souped-Up” version of the free one.  I don’t mind paying for something that I use and it is just what I want.  In fact, I want to pay, if this is the case. Somebody spent a lot of time building this thing! I don’t want to pay for an App that doesn’t work right or isn’t what I thought it would be.

Never be caught short

The BEST thing is,  most of us carry our phone or know where it is 99% of the time.  (And that 1% of the time can be ugly!) If this ‘List App’ (Out Of Milk – Shopping List, Pantry App),  is with you all the time; when you think of something to add you can- right then. When you are waiting at the T-Ball game, pull out your phone, add what you need to the list. Then when you got to the store, you can access it and buy what you need.You can even check it off the list! You also can add  stuff you need “To Do” or better yet, your kids “To Do” List and all of these can be shared.

Too Good To Be True?

Nope it isn’t too good to be true. It is a great App and “Jane,” thanks for the idea.

I think I am in love…with the App that is.  Now, if I can only get the man in my life to dump that flip phone and get a smart phone!  Oh well nothing is perfect.



From the Mouths of Babes

April 19th, 2013

My Niece

She may not be truly a baby but I was 21 when she was born.   Is she smart!  Of course I say that because I love her. Every time I see her or talk to her, (which the seeing part is not often enough), we talk on the phone a lot and text LOTS – that is how she mainly stays in touch.

She is on the move, in the military, has a full time job, hanging with her buds, doing stuff.  But she always makes time for the “I Love You, Auntie”  text.  I am the luckiest girl on earth.  Whenever we see each other we can pick up right where we left off because we don’t have months of old news to flog through to get down to important stuff, us.  How she is doing, how she feels, her dreams. Some times I feel like I am talking to “myself.”

She Lets Me Pick Her Brain

I almost always ask her what her favorite “APP” is she is using on her phone.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of those that she has passed on to me that I have tried and love too.  Perhaps you have one you would like to share?  Put it in the comments below and we will try it and share it with everyone.

Our Favorites

USUALLY cost nothing or darned near to it.  Unless one of us has shared one we really LOVE and absolutely can’t live without, we always try a FREE one first.

My First Favorite APP “Family”

Andrew Johnson  has a series of Apps that focus on relaxation techniques that are just wonderful.  Of course I think his accent is sexy which certainly helps me relax.  But he has CD’s and MP3’s too.  His blog. As you go down through it, you really can see what this guy is all about.  This isn’t “HOCUS POCUS”.

Here are just 4 things Andrew and his Relaxation Techniques can help you with:

  • Quitting Smoking
  • Getting Fit
  • Losing weight
  • Sleep Troubles

Any and all of these we know add stresses on top of everything else to our lives and though we may not be the “type” to go see a hypnotherapist in their office, these tools are helpful and YOU can use them when YOU need them.  They are not all free certainly but there are a few free ones so you can try for yourself.  Lie down and prepared to relax and as Andrew says, “Breathe.”  You may just realize how your stress has messed with your breathing and it goes on and on from there.

I started using a couple of these about a year ago and then I kinda forgot about them, but in the past month I have been religious about using one at  least every day.  He has a great Power Nap one that wakes you up in about 20 minutes and you feel like you have slept for hours and you are wide awake.

The best thing about Andrew Johnson is that even after a million downloads, I contacted him through his Facebook Page about this post.  And he wrote back.  He is real and you can count on him.  He is right inside of your ipod, phone or other device and you can hear him anytime you want (or need) to.