I LOVE those Commercials

I am sure I have mentioned it either in this blog or another that when I was a child, my grandmother would say, “Kelly, you are the only person I know that runs INTO the room when there is a commercial on TV.”  She was right.  Then and now I still find commercials interesting.


I can still sing the Shaeffer  Beer Commercial in my head.  I know that music/sound can engage certain parts of your brain so you remember things better.  I am no psychologist but I know that for me often songs that I absolutely hate become that song that plays over and over and over in my head and I cannot get it out!

It’s Only Weird If it Doesn’t Work

Anheuser Busch has been doing a series of these commercials which I cannot help but love.  There isn’t a jingle in this particular in this ad but as part of this series they have used a song from a jukebox at at bar.  If you like the song it is nice to hear it again, if you don’t like the song the story with the commercial makes you laugh.  Makes it memorable.  Clearly Paula Cole probably didn’t have this in mind when she first released the song.  (I heart Paula Cole, btw.)

Being Open to New Things

Even though it may seem like it by this post, my life isn’t about beer commercials.  It’s about thinking differently. And just like that commercial for Apple Computer that applauds innovation being world changing, what about your own life changing?

Being open is a developing into mindset for me.  I have had many people around me die or get seriously il . In these times, people always seem to come up with a “Bucket List.”  The list of things you always Photo Credit "Image courtesy of  "Time" by Salvatore Vuono  / FreeDigitalPhotos.netwanted to do that you never did because of… fear?  Now that a person has something LIFE ALTERING, is now the time to do it?  You decide, Like Paula Cole, “I Don’t Wanna Wait.”

What Are YOU Waiting For?



*Image courtesy  “Time” by Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net