Don’t Be Afraid to Swim Up Stream

It seems that life has a way to stuff a person into a box.  This box is one that “everybody” is supposed to fit into.  If you are like me you went to a school of the masses, was taught with the masses and expected to learn the masses. Only I didn’t.  Being in college prep because you are good in English doesn’t mean that you are great at all of it.  Math, Science, etc.  In fact most of us aren’t great at all of it. In my opinion and there is science that backs up that there are right brainers and left brainers, but there are tons of articles and research. This post or this blog itself wont be discussing that stuff.

When You Think Differently, It’s Okay

Steve Jobs made the Apple Company because he thought differently.  He got fired a few times and people thought he was difficult to get along with most of the time. Why do you suppose that was?  In my opinion it was because others were expecting him to excel with his creative mind in their rigid environment and it didn’t work.  It didn’t work until they let him do it “his way.”  Also in my opinion, he lacked interpersonal skills, persuasion, etc.  It was easy for the “nay-sayers” to not think kindly of him when he refused to do things “their way,” especially when he knew they were wrong.  As we all know know he was right and he made the whole world see things with “fresh eyes.


If you are a creative thinker bear with those that aren’t.  I realize that it is hard, but try.  Realize that the whole system was designed by non-creatives because the “creative types” were creating  rather than analyzing and building, making 1+1 = 2. Find your own fire and fan it, color your own world, sing your own song.  As creatives you have had to develop the skills to “work around” things to get people to see things your way, to show them something they have never thought of before.

So GO, be YOU because there is only one YOU to share, they are waiting (they may not even know it yet) but you will help make a better world.