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Let your computer remember those Birthdays!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Sure you remember your own kid’s birthdays or your siblings, but can you remember all those grandkids or in-laws?

I have a man in my life who has a million kids, grandkids, daughters and sons in law, step kids and step grandkids. I have no “organic” children – only my sweet brother and his family, so all this record keeping is new to me!

HELP!!??? How can I keep up??

So Hannah Mae, one of the daughters told me about
It is a God-send. AND it is FREE!! You login and create an account. Get your birthday list book ready and you can enter 10 at a time on one screen. They want name, date and year. One week before the birthday you get a reminder in your email box!!! It is wonderful and so easy to use!! They also have eCards if you want to send them.

PERFECT I say! If we have to use this crazy “BOX” called a computer all the time, we may as well make it work for our lives as well as our work!!