Zonal Employee Discount Agreement

One of the advantages of working for an airline is that employees can fly with their airline for free. But what if you want to go to a destination that your airline doesn`t serve? This is where zonal Employee Discount (ZED) rates come into play. Check with your airline for more information about your ZED agreements. With that in mind, I recommend two great tools to help you plan your itinerary: Some agreements allow you to purchase a ZED fare directly in an upgrade cabin. Alternatively, if the main cabin is full, but there are open seats in First Class or Business Class, it is usually at the discretion of the airport staff to sit down, so always be kind! And of course, there`s the “unofficial” way to get an upgrade. You should never rely on this to happen, but here is a great article that explains how to give you a chance to fight: * operates scheduled air transport services available for ZED/MIBA use* is able to accept discounted tickets from the industry in accordance with the terms of the ZED agreement and agreements and/or MIBA* is able to issue and/or authorize another member of the ZED/ forum MIBA to be issued on its behalf, Industry Discount ID tickets in accordance with the agreements* are able to communicate via an official (company) e-mail address*, publish its scheduled passenger air transport services and their availability in the main GDS, for example. Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Gabriel, Galileo MIBA, which stands for Multilateral Interline Business Travel Agreement, was created to standardize and simplify industry discounted reciprocal travel procedures for their respective crew members and other eligible persons in accordance with IATA Resolution 788 and to facilitate the transportation of such persons. The ticketing process depends on your airline and the partnership agreement. In general, ticketing is done electronically and is processed either with myidtravel.com or id90travel.com. Once you have purchased a ZED fare, it is valid for that route until it is used or refunded.

You can change it to another flight for free as long as the itinerary is the same. To refund a ZED fare with MyIDTravel, click on the ticket number in the flight list and then on “Refund”. Depending on the airline, the refund will be processed immediately or 1-2 weeks later. While interline travel isn`t entirely free, a ZED fare for eligible airline employees and pass drivers remains a big deal. As the name suggests, ZED fares are divided into zones based on the air kilometre (plus taxes and fees). According to the agreement, the ticket price will then be set at three different levels; Low CED, medium CED and high ZED. 27 QUIZ Who can travel as a deadhead crew? Any employee of the member or his cabin crew member S/A/F/pilots/co-pilots of the member or his S/A/F. Travel between the duty itinerary on which the crew member works and the officially designated crew base of the employee Answer is B (ISTA, page 1 – Definition of the deadhead crew) ZED MIBA AGM 2018 | Dubrovnik The best advantage of working for an airline is the ability for you and your eligible passport drivers to travel on unsold seats on your airline`s flights. .

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