Withdrawal Agreement Irish Border

Negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal have not yet been concluded. However, the Agreement on Ireland and Northern Ireland applies regardless of whether or not the two parties can agree on a trade agreement. The border is a sensitive issue due to the history of Northern Ireland and the agreements reached to bring peace, including the removal of visible signs from the border. On October 2, Johnson presented a possible replacement for Ireland`s 2018 backstop, suggesting that Northern Ireland remain aligned with the EU on product standards but remain on Uk customs territory. This would require product controls between Britain and Northern Ireland, but no customs controls on goods that are expected to remain in the UK. For the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, his proposal would include customs controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic (possibly supported by technology implemented far from the border), but not product controls and safety standards on the island of Ireland. [90] This proposal was rejected by the EU. [91] The notification triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union and allowed negotiations on withdrawal to begin. .

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