Where Can I Find My Ford Lease Agreement

It is better to buy and sell the car yourself. If you`re desperate to get out of the lease, it`s probably for financial reasons, so it makes sense to save as much money as possible. It`s perhaps the simplest of our four options, and it tends to be the most popular for our customers. Not only will this keep you in the driver`s seat without interruption, but you`ll also have the added benefit of switching to something newer, fresher, and more fun every few years. If you want to take a leap in, you can always contact us in advance to see what new Ford models might interest you after signing your current lease. Please note that failure to complete end-of-lease transactions before your lease end date may result in additional charges as described in your Red Carpet Rental Agreement. *Leasing: Vehicles leased under the lease are not subject to annual mileage limits. Early processing may incur fees and charges. At the end of the initial contract term, you have three options to pay the balloon rental payment: 1) Pay for the balloon and keep the vehicle by entering a secondary term (up to 10 years) by paying a nominal annual fee after which you must return the vehicle to Ford Lease; 2) return the vehicle to Ford Lease so they can sell on your behalf; 3) Sell the vehicle as a Ford Lease representative and pay for the product directly to Ford Lease. .

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