Wapso Agreement

Peter`s work in the area of labour law includes working as a chief negotiator for management in collective bargaining, defending illegal termination actions, and providing practical advice to clients working in non-unionized and unionized businesses, including handling complaints and arbitration under collective agreements. The city says its executive committee will consider ratifying the deal next week and then approve it by council. The Commission had found that such an agreement violated the overtime provisions of the Code. The Court of Appeal held that the Chamber`s reasoning with respect to this finding was reasonable and summarized it as follows: WAPSO is the only union in the City of Winnipeg whose collective agreement has expired. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the City of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Association of Public Service Employees. The City and WAPSO were parties to a collective agreement (the “Contract”) that stipulated that employees were expected to work all regular hours plus 100 hours of overtime per year in exchange for their regular wages and five (5) days of compensation. The agreement clearly states that there would be no additional compensation (monetary or otherwise) in exchange for the first 100 hours of overtime worked by an employee in a calendar year. WAPSO members, This week`s vote on the ratification of the collective agreement has been counted and we are pleased to inform you that the agreement has been ratified by the members. The concept that employers and workers agree that a wage includes and takes into account overtime was negotiated in Manitoba. The Manitoba Court of Appeal at Nygard v. Michalowski reviewed a decision of the Manitoba Labour Board (the “Board of Directors”) and verified the legality of a contract of employment that purported to pay wages to an employee in exchange for all hours of work. In that case, the employer argued that such an agreement did not violate the provisions of the Overtime Code, as the parties had agreed that the worker`s wages were in exchange for overtime worked. In the coming weeks, WAPSO will be hosting member consultations to hear your priorities for our upcoming negotiations with the City of Winnipeg.

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