Showed Good Agreement

The generated populations show good agreement with the available statistical data (not used for generation) and are kept in an appropriate calculation time. These results show a good match with the behavior of real organisms that replicate their genomes at very different mutation rates. For the 31 herpes viruses, the DdDp trees showed good concordance with those obtained from whole genomes. Study design and configuration: An agreed study of patients over the age of 65, selected from four general practices in the Hunter region of Australia. Frequently used classes of drugs were selected for comparison. Objective: to determine the accuracy of the telephone interview method for measuring the drug consumption of the elderly (“telephone self-information”) by identifying the concordance between the results of this method and from a home visit (“household inventory”). Results: Out of 154 patients, 14 were not allowed to participate because they had hearing problems (9) or did not use medication (5). The response rate was 70% (98 out of 140). Overall compliance observed and kappa coefficients adjusted for prevalence and adjusted for distortions were very high for all categories of prescription drugs, but lower for non-prescription (OTC) and complementary drugs.

The specificity of telephone self-reporting in relation to home inventory was consistently high in all drug classes. Sensitivity rates were above 89% for all classes of drugs, but were lower for OTC and complementary drugs (74%) and paracetamol (78%). Similar samples were found for negative forecasts. Positive forecasts were lower for drugs used if necessary. Conclusion: Telephone measurement of telephone drug use is an accurate and relatively inexpensive alternative to home inventory methods and has advantages for use in future studies of drug use in elderly patients. Word index: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, More. . Search results: 33.

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