Cot-Rpms Interobserver Agreement Form Master Teacher

COT – RPMS LEHRER I – III OBSERVER SCORESHEET: ____ 2. Each indicator shall be assessed individually, irrespective of its relationship with other indicators. 3. Hang your observation note form on the completed evaluation sheet. THE TEACHER 34 5 67 N O 1. Applies knowledge of content in and in areas of the school curriculum. 2. Uses a series of pedagogical strategies that improve learners` performance in reading and alp skills. 3. Applies a series of pedagogical strategies to develop critical and creative thinking as well as other higher-order thinking abilities. 4. Manages the structure of the classroom to engage learners, individually or in groups, with useful explorations, discoveries and practical activities in a number of physical learning environments. 5.

Constructively manages learner behaviour using positive, non-violent discipline to ensure learning-oriented environments 6. Use differentiated and developmental learning experiences to meet learners` sexual needs, needs, strengths, interests and experiences. 7. Plan, manage and implement development-sequenced teaching and learning processes to meet teaching needs and different educational contexts 8. Selects, develops, organizes and uses appropriate educational and educational resources, including ICTs, to achieve learning objectives 9. Design, select, organize and use summary diagnostic, formative and assessment strategies that meet the needs of the curriculum OTHER COMMENTS: Opinion: For schools with a single learning objective 9. Design, organize and use diagnostic, formative and summary strategies that meet the needs of the Observer (i.e., Principal) program serves as the final score sheet. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. .

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