Clinical Social Work Supervision Agreement

Below are some suggestions for supervisors and social work supervisors to ensure that the supervision implemented can be used to promote the career of a licensee who wishes to obtain an independent license. Given the steps mentioned above and with a little care and attention to detail, supervision can be a positive aspect of career development if one is working on independent admission. Surveillance data is important. In Ohio, independent license monitoring cannot begin until the dependent license is issued, and supervision must then be provided for at least 24 months. Is telephone or video surveillance allowed? Don`t accept here either. The rules of therapy may differ from those of supervision. Our board receives a lot of questions about supervision, and many of these questions come after the accumulation of monitored hours. These questions come from both superiors and caregivers. It is important to have clear expectations and an understanding of the requirements before the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisor. Supervision is essential for obtaining an independent social work license.

However, this monitoring must be “deserved” based on a number of requirements that generally cover the number of hours that can be monitored and the length of time the monitoring must take place. Consider entering into a written agreement on the surveillance project, even if it is not needed by the jurisdiction in which the surveillance takes place. This not only helps in processing applications, but can also be a requirement of the law to file on the basis of a set schedule. For example, a supervisor in Ohio must submit a supervisory assessment within 30 days of the supervisor`s request. Is there a delay between the date of prudential supervision and the date of filing of the forms? Please stop these ridiculous surveillance requirements. We literally have to live more than lawyers, and that`s totally useless. Opportunistic and greedy people have been cashing in on those who have needed surveillance for years. This is a shame for the profession and not in line with other disciplines. We did not register as martyrs, please do not insert ourselves into your martyr complex.

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