Changing Mind After Signing Tenancy Agreement

If they don`t agree and you leave anyway, they can try to sue you for unpaid rent. The court decides whether you can perform the contract. Regardless of the circumstances, tenants sometimes change their minds about occupying a unit before they even move in. If you are a regular tenant, you can end your lease by giving your landlord four weeks. The notice period should be longer if the rental agreement advances it or if you pay your rent monthly or even less. The termination must be made in writing and end on a day when the rent is due. All regular tenants can terminate the rental agreement with a period of less than four weeks if the lessor agrees. Here, too, you should, as far as possible, obtain this agreement in writing. Unfortunately, for the tenant, this right does not concern leases and rental properties. But back to the policy of the co-signatories: I don`t think they can stop the deal.

They should be more than happy to leave with a bail they don`t deserve. I think in court they would even lose bail and your son can claim that he was under the understanding that he needed a co-signer and that he thought the deal was not valid. .

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