Us Signs Agreement With Taliban

The agreement was signed after a seven-day “reduction in violence” in which U.S., Afghan and Taliban troops declared themselves unable to conduct offensive operations. The agreement does not specify whether this obligation should be pursued. Instead, he notes that a ceasefire should be concluded as part of the intra-Afghanistan talks, which are expected to begin in ten days. On 7 April 2020, the Taliban left the prisoner exchange talks, which Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen described as “sterile”. [132] [133] Shaheen said in a tweet that hours after the talks were over, the Taliban negotiating team had been removed from Kabul. [133] The Taliban were also unable to secure the release of any of the 15 commanders they wanted to free. [132] The arguments on which the prisoners were to be exchanged also delayed the plan for the prisoner exchange. [132] The next day, Fayçal said that only 100 Taliban prisoners would be released. [133] Fayçal later declared that the 100 prisoners held in Bagram had been released.

[134] The Taliban refused to verify these releases, in part because the Taliban`s withdrawal from Kabul prevented their “technical team” from verifying the identity of the prisoners. [134] Since the Afghan government was only determining which prisoners had been released, it was not possible to confirm whether any of the released prisoners were on the Taliban`s preferred name list. [134] 4. A lasting and comprehensive ceasefire will be on the agenda of internal dialogue and negotiations. Participants in the inter-Armenian negotiations will discuss the date and modalities of a lasting and comprehensive ceasefire, including common implementation mechanisms that will be announced at the same time as the conclusion and agreement on Afghanistan`s future political roadmap. Footnote 22 On the one hand, the United States currently does not have an ambassador in Kabul to deal with an extremely complex diplomatic situation. John Bass, the ambassador since 2017, left in early January and no successor has been named. Second, Trump has shown little or no interest in multilateral diplomatic efforts.

Its draft budget for 2020 provides for a 23% reduction in the international affairs budget and a lasting political solution in Afghanistan cannot be found without negotiations with Pakistan and other regional actors such as India and China.

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