Tcs Deputation Agreement

Mr. Takle said that in a stock options plan, the employee actually pays the company for departure, which people say TCS does through the service contract. It must be written in the service agreement itself about what TCS can do if you join the customer within 2 years of leaving. I cannot comment on what they can do. They can either negotiate with you or file a case in court if they decide to go down that road. Please let me know what will happen if I break the service contract. TCS said that even after training, if a TCSer is assigned to a project, there is still a “continuous learning process.” “It is only after 2-3 years that the individual really begins to cash in on the investment he has made. For these reasons, a service contract is signed with the newcomer,” said TCS. If you`ve already finished a year, don`t you respond to the assistant`s letter? Of course, there would be some kind of agreement between the client and the CHT, but I do not think any company would go to court and challenge it only for an employee who would come out. The client knows the same thing and if he is ready to welcome the employee, there should be no problem. Hello Anil , clause in my agreement stipulates that employees cannot join the employer within one year after leaving! That`s my concern! Thank you for answering my questions. Br But according to the service agreement between TCS and Myself, I can`t reach the customer for 2 years.

Dear guest, thank you for your opinion. Such a clause between my employer and the client is not included. However, in my letter as an employer`s assistant, there is such a clause that I cannot reach the client directly at least one year after departure. I`m worried because I don`t want to be in a situation only if my H1B/L1 is automatically cancelled, and join the customer on H1 due to disputes from my current employer. I spent a year in L1 here. Once again thank you for your opinion of expertise Can you let me know if there is a way to access the full copy of the delegation agreement signed by H1B employees? TCS spokesman Atul Takle said: “The practice of service contracts was once the norm in all businesses. It was only after employees` stock option plans came into effect that they stopped using service contracts,” he said. My current company has taken a signed agreement from me in India that limits client membership for at least a year during my assistant in the United States.

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