What Do You Bring To The Party?

I do not know how to fix my car.  I do not know how to cut my own hair (or anyone else’s for that matter).  There are lots of things I do not know how to do and still more things that I KNOW how to do but don’t make the time to do it or someone that does “it” more than I do may be better and more efficient doing it for me!

It’s All In Your Head

I have been changing up the way I am networking lately.  The endless travel challenges that winter brings makes keeping appointments challenging to say the least.  I am using Social Media, email mining and other things to reconnect with old contacts and friends too.  Lots of these conversations have nothing to do with “HEY BUY MY STUFF!”  That isn’t my style and I resent it when people do that to me !

“Soul” Food

There is nothing more fulfilling for me than talking to an old friend that helps me put things into perspective.  In this case it was an old friend that I have not actually talked to for several years.  Not for any particular reason, but we just went in different directions.  He is now in Virginia and I am in Maine.  He and I will always be able to pick up from where we left off just like it was yesterday.  In our conversation we talked about simpler times in our lives.  He also reminded me of some things I happen to be good at that I take for granted.  I guess I have not changed much since then and the list he gave me hasn’t changed from 1981!

The Go-To 

Yes, I am a “Go-To” person. Because I like people and find everyone interesting,, I attract a lot of people.  He was making fun of some of the “Tom Foolery” I may have on my Facebook wall.  I describe my wall as “The Wild Wild West”  unless it is hurtful or cruel,  what is posted stays there.  It may not be my opinion but it was put there by someone I know and I don’t mind that people see it.  People contact me in all different ways for all different things, many things I know nothing about.  But it is possible that I know someone that knows about it and I can get people together that can help one another.

Social Media

I use Social Media every day. Many days BEFORE I EVEN GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING! (TMI, right) ? Some mornings depending on the project, I may be looking at notifications on my phone before my feet hit the floor. It is what I do!  It really is my way of life.  It isn’t everybody’s.  When people ask me about “computer things” I want to say, “I know nothing about that stuff.” But when it is a “social media computer thing, I may know A LOT about that and be able to help.

So what can you bring to the party?


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