If You Are a Meathead in Person…You Can Still Be a Meathead on Facebook


Sorry for the Archie Bunker reference but it is better than some of the other alternatives.  Gets the point across without being obscene or throwing around a bunch of poor language choices (obscenities).

My points are these:

  • Not everybody wants all their “FRIENDS” on Facebook to know their life is sucking wind at any particular moment.
  • Many people are constantly driving their own agenda home, their political views, their own “deal” – please donate to my _____.
  • And more people don’t take the time to check in on their “Friends”on Facebook.  They use Facebook as a sounding board or a “stalking platform.”  I don’t mean this in the criminal sense but they are so full of finding out what YOU are doing, they don’t ever stop by and say “Hi.”   Or when you are in a group of people they tell you, “I don’t need to call you, I just look at your Facebook page and I know what’s up.


Everyone has their own rules on Facebook and most of us are just writing them as we go along. Learning from others and learning what others do that works for us (and doesn’t.)
Many people have “Friends” on Facebook that they have never met in person and certainly may never want to.  But hey they are a friend of a friend and you accepted them – how did you know that friend (maybe a real one) doesn’t know them either?
Also have you ever been “guilted” into adding a “friend” or two – even though you thought they were flaming ******** (you can fill it in yourself) you felt obligated at the time to add them and you did.
As you gather friends on Facebook and if you get into the 350+ range, it becomes very hard to keep track of who you ACTUALLY know and who you don’t. If your Nana or Mom are your “Friends” you may not want to tell them on Facebook that you feel like your life is ending, work is eating you alive, etc. even though you may feel it at that particular moment.
With the Facebook algorithm if you have a lot of “Friends” you may not see everyone’s posts in your News Feed. So folks that post personal stuff as a look for support you may miss it.  Thus another potential Meathead moment.  And you may not be one at all.
In the end, I love the opportunity to read people’s posts and learn about them and their lives.  I almost always try to connect with them in some way so they know I am looking.  Facebook is definitely the “Look at me! Look at me!” Social Network.  But try swimming upstream once in a while and showing your real self.  Toot someone else’s horn instead of yours all the time.
Encourage those that need it, coach those that want it. Praise in their accomplishment.
But it takes time to manage those relationships just like in real life.  Oh…Facebook ISN’T real life?


One thought on “If You Are a Meathead in Person…You Can Still Be a Meathead on Facebook

  1. […] I have written several times about using Social Media in addition to cultivating friendships and business relationships.  Not instead of “people to people” connection.  A dirtbag in real life often is a dirtbag on Facebook, it may be harder to spot but eventually the real person is revealed.  It comes down to being a member of the human race, reaching out and wanting connection.  OR DISCONNECTION.  Real life is blowing up and you can run to Facebook for help and support. […]

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