Communication: Mutiny

It is understandable that animals “pack up” and under the right (or wrong circumstances) turn into cannibals.  It is a bit amusing to me that I went to my favorite bird seed metal trash can only to find this:

A couple of  mice camped out in the bottom of what I thought was a sealed can, munching on sunflower seeds and oh yeah, what was left of their buddy.  Perhaps there were more of them, I do not know.  Just found 2 and bits and pieces of another guy.

Sure it is gross to think about.  But hey, it happens.  “Survival of the fittest,”  right?  There are two ways out just like there is in life.  A person either becomes the bait or is eating the bait.

How many of you have read “Who Moved My Cheese?”  Again, it is involving mice.  But it takes the behavior of 4 mice and it is up to you to equate it to how people you know behave.  How we act under certain circumstances.  But in the Who Moved My Cheese?  situation; it takes 4 types of personalities and breaks them down into very simple terms.  It is a quick read and I often read it annually just well, “BECAUSE.”

1) Because there are new people in my life either professionally or personally and Who Moved My Cheese helps me understand them and how they think.

2) Because it REMINDs me how I think and how I approach things. (Often very different approaches)

Communication and lack of it starts wars, ends wars, destroys friendships and businesses.  With everyone using Facebook to throw out what they are doing or thinking and equally a number of people NOT engaging in conversations on or off line, because they think automatically everyone knows what they are doing.

They don’t know.  Many people lurk on Facebook just to see what you are doing whether they care or not.  They never bother to engage in conversation.  They may be “takers” in general. Here is a post I did earlier that may further explain this line of thinking.

It is also possible that sometimes the person that makes the post has their own agenda for posting.  We all know these people and often times any one of us may be that person.

Don’t forget the power of physical contact or a phone call.  Body language and voice inflection go a long way in keeping your relationships solid with people’s communication styles and habits often being different than yours, this is more important than ever.

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