Don’t blame it on the internet!

It seems that all around us are scams.
And more identity theft.

I had a friend of mine say to me around Christmas, “I never use my credit card online because of the risk of it being stolen.” At the time I was saying, “Well, you know ANYTIME, anywhere you use your credit/debit card, you run a risk of it, or the personal information attached to it, to be stolen.”

I know, we all are shaking our heads, right? It can be stolen even if it is swiped in a machine at grocery store checkout line. It happened here in Maine – Hannaford Supermarket. Got people pretty mad. It can be stolen just about anywhere these days. It wasnt long ago we were just rummaging through the trash to make sure the carbons were ripped up! Now it isn’t that easy!

The latest big one is Heartland. Again customers in Maine were effected. I had a friend that was on the road and learned by a “CONTACT YOUR BANK” notice after attempting to purchase something. So don’t let that happen to you.

First, to see if your bank is on the list check the link here. It is being billed as the Year’s First Major Information Breach by

Isn’t that “special” to be first of 2009?

I guess short of putting all your money in your mattress, since Banks have warehoused data (all on line), there really isn’t much you can do. Their Data Warehouses are as secure as the next hacker attack, I am afraid.

Other banks effected by other breaches this year.

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